Greetings 2014 Competitors!

Pro Tan® offers professional airbrush tanning services at many local, state, & national level NPC & IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, Fitness, Physique, Figure, & Bikini competitions. Please check our calendar to see if we will be offering services at your next event.

For the comfort of ALL competitors, Pro Tan® ONLY uses female airbrush tanners.

Airbrush tanning at all events is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Appointments should be booked a minimum of 4 hours apart & are available every 15 minutes. Tanning dates & times vary from show to show. Please check below under your competition event information for dates & times we will be scheduling appointments.

Pro Tan® Premier Tanning Package Includes:

1-2 Applications of Pro Tan® Overnight Competition Color
1 Application of Bikini Bronze®, Physique Bronze® or BodyBuilder Bronze® (Based on division)
1 Application of Lock Down® to lock in color

Once all your tanning is done and the Lock Down® has been applied the final step is to apply either Show Shine® or Muscle Juice® for that maximum stage glow. These products will be applied just prior to going on stage.

The number of applications you need depends on how dark your natural skin tone is, how dark you want to be, how well your skin absorbs the color, and whether or not you come with any coats of Pro Tan® already on. Typically figure/fitness/bikini competitors with light to medium skin tone need 2 applications. For bodybuilders, we recommend 2 applications. More than 2 coats in one day is not recommended & usually does not get you any darker. Starting 2 days before your show is ideal. If tanning is available on Thursday and Friday at your event we recommend 1 application on Thursday and 1 application on Friday as needed. If you are only able to tan the day of your show, we recommend applying a coat of Pro Tan® by hand before you arrive. You can purchase Pro Tan® online at OR

If you are interested in booking airbrush tanning appointments for your event, please fill out the following information to ensure your optimal time slots:

First and Last Name:
Class / Gender / Division / /

Contact Phone #:

E-Mail Address:

Hotel Info:

Date & Time of Arrival in Host City:

Total # of Applications:

Preferred Days and Times of Applications (Thurs/Fri/Sat)

Make Up/Hair Service Needed? Yes No

Team Pro Tan® looks forward to working with each & every one of you!

Good luck with your competition prep & see you at your show!


All competitors are put on a waiting list as their information is received. Your requested times will be booked in the order they are received.  We try our best to book you as close to your requested appointment times as possible, but times may vary slightly depending on availability.  You will be contacted by a representative of Pro Tan® to confirm your request has been received. When the schedule for your event has been finalized, you will receive a confirmation email containing your appointment times & any further instructions, usually the weekend before your show. If you have any questions regarding which events Pro Tan® will be spraying at, how to book your appointments, the airbrush tanning process, or skin prep recommendations, please contact Carla Salotti at

Please make payment by cash at your first appointment.  If you wish to pre-pay by credit card, please contact Doug at the Pro Tan® Offices (800-555-8895 or by the Wednesday before your show. 

Please note that Team Pro Tan® also offers complimentary contest preparation backstage for ALL competitors, including application of Muscle Juice/Muscle Sheen, Hot Stuff, Quick Bronze, and Bikini Bite.  Any questions regarding backstage preparation or product sales available at weighs-ins, please contact Carla Salotti at

Ladies...if you are interested in make-up and/or hair styling services at your event, please let us know & we will have one of our preferred make-up artists/stylists contact you directly to schedule an appointment. You can also contact Laurie St.Michael directly for make-up at, or by telephone at (479) 616-0922.

2014 Show Schedule:

01.25.2014  (2 Days)   Fit Expo
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA Schedule
02.27.2014  (1 Day)   Arnold Classic
Columbus, OH Schedule
04.10.2014  (3 Days)   Europa Games Get Fit Expo
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL Schedule
04.10.2014  (3 Days)   Steve Stone Metropolitan
Tribecca Performing Arts Center
New York, NY Schedule
04.24.2014  (3 Days)   Bayou Muscle Merairie, lA Schedule
05.03.2014  (3 Days)   Pittsburgh Pro/Am
Pro Figure, Bikini
Pittsburgh, PA Schedule
05.08.2014  (2 Days)   Europa Games
Dallas Convention Center
Dallas, TX Schedule
05.17.2014  (2 Days)   IFBB NY Pro
New York, NY Schedule
05.24.2014  (2 Days)   NPC Jay Cutler Classic Boston, MA Schedule
05.29.2014  (2 Days)   NPC Dennis James Classic
NPC Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure and Bikini National Qualifier
Phoenix, AZ Schedule
06.06.2014  (2 Days)   Boise Fitness Expo
Qwest Arena
Boise, ID Schedule
06.11.2014  (3 Days)   NPC Jr Nationals
National Bodybuilding Championships
Chicago, IL Schedule
06.19.2014  (3 Days)   NPC Greater Gulf States
National Qualifier | Best Western Landmark Hotel
Metairie, LA Schedule
06.21.2014  (2 Days)   NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States New York, NY Schedule
06.27.2014  (2 Days)   Europa Get Fit Hartford, CT Schedule
07.03.2014  (2 Days)   Team Universe
IFBB Pro Cards Awarded
Teaneck, NJ Schedule
07.05.2014  (2 Days)   Independence Day Classic
Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Physique National Qualifier
Irving, TX Schedule
08.16.2014  (2 Days)   NPC Texas State Championships / IFBB Dallas Pro
National Qualifier / IFBB Pro Contest
Irving, TX Schedule
09.6.2014  (1 Days)   NPC True Strength Games
Irving Convention Center
Irving, TX Schedule
09.17.2014  (2 Days)   Mr. Olympia
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV Schedule
10.24.2014  (2 Days)   Europa Games Get Fit Expo Phoenix, AZ Schedule
11.15.2014  (2 Days)   NPC Eastern USA New York, NY Schedule
11.15.2014  (1 Day)   Natural Colorado Open
Colorado Heights Unviersity Theater
Denver, CO Schedule
11.21.2014  (3 Days)   NPC Nationals Miami, FL Schedule